: Invest Bandung

Invest Bandung

Investment Potential and Opportunities by Districts and Sectors
Featured Investment Opportunities
Sumur Bandung
Value :  Rp302.000.000.000
Value :  Rp154.970.000
Bandung Kulon
Value :  Rp17.900.000.000
Value :  Rp20.300.000.000

Fashion & Culinary investment in Bandung

Bandung is known as the trendsetter of Indonesian fashion and culinary. The city is full of dynamic, creative and innovative people who love the latest fashion designs and delicious food. Improving business or culinary fashion in the city of Bandung will indeed be challenging, but it will also be full of fun and pleasure. What's more, Bandung is a favorite destination for many domestic visitors because of its comfortable climate and interesting culture. Truly a unique city in Indonesia. #InvestBandung #ExcellenceCity#EndlessOpportunities



Bandung start-up Ecosystem

Indonesian Largest Startup Ecosystem

A flagship initiative of the Government of Bandung, intended to build a strong ecosystem that is conducive for startups, to drive sustainable economic growth and generate large scale employment opportunities.


Innovation in Bandung

With you in your journey to commercialization

To support and augment initiatives undertaken by multiple stakeholders driving Bandung’s innovation goals and help connect owners of innovative and new-frontier solutions with the market.