Investment Potential of Bandung City




Bandung City, as the capital of West Java Province and the center of the Greater Bandung Metropolitan Area, covers an area of ​​167.31 km². Based on the 2020 Census, the population of Bandung City is 2,444,160 people, consisting of 1,231,116 men and 1,213,044 women (ratio 101.49).



Based on 2021 data, there are 3 major business fields in Bandung City, namely:

1) Wholesale and Retail Trade

2) Manufacturing

3) Information and Communication

These three categories contribute of 59% of the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Bandung City.

In addition, the development of creative industries increases the tourism attractiveness of Bandung City. Tourism makes a significant contribution to the city's economy, stimulates the growth of other sectors, and revives traditional arts and culture. 




Based on the first quarter of 2021 data, the investment realization in Bandung City is Rp. 6.31 trillion (17% of the total investment realization in West Java). Specifically for the Domestic Investment, Bandung City was ranked first with a value of Rp. 5.84 trillion (36% of the total). The Domestic Investment is dominated by the Housing, Industrial and Office Estate sector which reached Rp. 5.73 trillion, while the Foreign Investment was dominated by the Transportation, Warehouse and Telecommunication sectors which reached Rp. 445.93 billion.