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Accommodation & Food

The accommodation and food and drink supply sector is one of the sectors that has been heavily impacted by COVID-19, especially hospitality. Restrictions on physical interaction since the pandemic have resulted in restrictions on the number of visits to hotels and restaurants as well as the temporary suspension of the construction of new hotels and restaurants.


Currently, the accommodation and food and drink supply sector is focused on surviving the pandemic. There are several adjustments made by business actors. Some hotels have turned into offices, warehouses, or rental places for tenants to sell. Then, restaurants that are able to provide take away services are able to survive the pandemic. There seems to be a new trend in the culinary world, namely catering for healthy food and herbs in ready-to-drink bottles.

Sector Economic Growth and Investment Value

Based on data from the BPS for the City of Bandung in 2020, the value of GRDP in the accommodation and food and beverage supply sector has fluctuated. This sector experienced an increase in the GRDP figure from 2018 to 2019, but in 2020 it experienced a contraction of 18.3 percent.

Companies that are business actors in this sector include The Trans Luxury Hotel, Grand Hotel Preanger, Savoy Homann, Narapati Syariah Hotel & Convention, Braga Permai, and Bandung Milk Center (BMC).

List of Investment Opportunities

Kecamatan Coblong
Value :  Rp154.970.000
Value :  Rp100.000.000
Value :  Rp1.000.000.000
Value :  Rp150.000.000
Kecamatan Coblong
Value :  Rp100.000.000
Value :  Rp600.000.000
Value :  Rp100.000.000
Value :  Rp500.000.000

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