Batununggal sub-district with an area of ​​5.03 km2, which consists of eight villages, namely: Gumuruh, Binong, Kebon Gedang, Maleer, Cibangkong, Samoja, Kacapiring, and Kebon Waru.

With a population of 115,500 people (4.73 percent of the total population of Bandung City), this sub-district has a density of 22,962 people/km2.


In Batununggal District there are several tourist destinations that are very popular for tourists, namely Trans Studio Mall, besides the Persib stadium as a place to practice is often visited by Bobohs from Greater Bandung and outside Bandung City. The Binong Jati knitting center as a knitting center in the city of Bandung is also one of the suppliers of various knitting products which are marketed both within the city of Bandung and outside the city of Bandung.

Main Sector

The three main sectors in Batununggal District include the manufacturing, trade and repair sectors, and construction. 

List of Investment Opportunities

Value :  Rp440.000.000.000

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