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BENQUEE Dessert Cafe

Cihampelas Walk Tenant


There are various micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Bandung. One that has a business opportunity is the BENQUEE Dessert Café of Panna Cota & Cheesecake.

BENQUEE sells panna cotta and cheesecake in strategic areas of Thamrin 10, Jakarta and PHX Bintaro Sector 9, South Tangerang. Marketing is done through social media, Tokopedia, and Shopee, as well as partnering with GoFood and GrabFood.


Hillastu Firdhaus

Project Value

IDR 154,97 Million

Business Permit

Already have NIB and I-UMK.

Business Development Plan

Opened a new branch at Cihampelas Walk, Bandung City

Supporting Potential

Strategic tenant spot, located at the entrance / Sensa Hotel and surrounded by food and beverage places, so that BENQUEE can attract consumers from the tourist segment.

Interior Design Concept

  • Cafe BENQUEE has an area of ​​21.39 m2 with a seating capacity of ± 25 seats. In the kitchen, there will be 2 areas, namely the dirty kitchen area and the clean kitchen area. The dirty kitchen will be used for production room, washing kitchen utensils, and cooking. Meanwhile, the clean kitchen will be used as an area for finishing touch/garnishing products when there are buyers.
  • In addition, this area will be occupied with a bar table for visitors and a cashier's desk.
  • BENQUEE will claim the first Cafe in Bandung that serves panna cotta dessert by providing interior touches in a semi-industrial and natural style.
  • BENQUEE will use a lot of industrial-style furniture such as tables, chairs, kitchen sets, light fittings, and so on. This is done to remove the stigma against desserts that tend to be feminine. BENQUEE wants to show a masculine side through its interior and ambience so that the segmentation of visitors based on gender will be more general.
  • In addition, BENQUEE will present a natural touch in several spots so that the natural impression is felt. The surrounding area which is dominated by glass will give a natural feel and feel spacious. The reflection of sunlight that will illuminate the cafe area is quite beneficial to save lighting.


Project Classification

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME)

Project Location

Cihampelas Walk Tenant

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Member Since Nov 2020

Value: Rp154.970.000

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