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Real Estate

This sector is able to withstand the COVID-19 pandemic. The thing that needs attention is the limited land available in the city of Bandung, making the trend of providing housing to shift to vertical housing.


The increasing number of residents from year to year greatly affects the need for housing in the city of Bandung (Perkim.id, 2020). However, the low access to home financing actually creates a backlog.

As the capital city of West Java Province, urbanization towards the city of Bandung is happening rapidly, but this is not matched by the existence of cheap housing for low-income people. Housing supply for MBR tends to be minimal as a result of developers' reluctance to build cheap houses.

Economic Growth

Sector and Investment Value The real estate sector experienced growth in GRDP value from 2018 to 2020, reaching its peak in 2020, which amounted to IDR2.51 Trillion.  

Some of the biggest real estate companies in Bandung include Trans Property, PT Indah Karya, Investa Land, Daya Adicipta Mustika, and Summarecon.

List of Investment Opportunities