The City Government of Bandung again received an award for its performance even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. This time, the City Government of Bandung received an appreciation because it has been considered capable of maintaining the investment climate in the city of Bandung.

This award came from MarkPlus Inc, an international scale marketing consulting firm through the Indonesia Tourism, Trade, Investment and Industry Award 2020. The City Government of Bandung through the Investment and One Stop Services Agency (DPMPTSP) received an award for the 2020 Indonesia Investment Awards category.

Head of DPMPTSP, Ronny Ahmad Nurudin, said that despite the Covid-19 pandemic, his party continues to try to attract investment to the city of Bandung. In addition, his party continues to strive to build cooperation with a number of business entities.

"This (Award) is a motivation for us. In relation to investment, the efforts that we have initiated include mapping on potential investment and other efforts to attract investors to Bandung City, "said Ronny after receiving the award online at the Bandung City Hall, Thursday (17 September 2020).

Ronny explained, the assessment of this award was carried out comprehensively. Namely through surveys from a team of examiners of experts and professional evaluators at Markplus Inc. Experts assess each DPMPTSP innovation program. Including reviewing aspects of planning, promotion, supervision and controlling.

Apart from innovating through various programs, Ronny also encourages that the investment climate has been supported by an easier licensing system. Among other things, namely by licenses arrangement that have been integrated electronically or Online Single Submission (OSS).

"Including how to attract business investors in the city of Bandung. We help from the licensing side. All of our licensing services have been carried out online, "he said to the Public Relations of Bandung City.

Ronny added, even though the OSS regulations still require assisted services, DPMPTSP has also made a breakthrough by creating an online queue registration system.

"It has been done online but there is still face-to-face service, even though we are currently closed because of the Covid-19 condition. This face-to-face service is also available with online queues. So there is no accumulation of people, "he added.

Furthermore, Ronny said that investment in the service sector is still the favorite in Bandung. The rest, in the midst of this pandemic, it also encourages more people to take care of licensing in the health sector.

"Actually, trade, culinary, hospitality and tourist destinations have also felt the impact of Covid-19. Yesterday, many took care for treatment or clinic, "he said.



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