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Professional, Scientific & Technical


The thing that needs attention is that changing business patterns occur by following the new normal trend. Online media is a solution that can change the way of doing business in this sector with the emergence of virtual offices as a means of doing business that brings together clients and professional workers.

Economic Growth

Sector and Investment Value The Professional, Scientific and Technical Activity Sector experienced growth in GRDP value from 2018 to 2020, experienced fluctuating conditions and in 2020 experienced a decline, which was Rp1.44 trillion. This sector contributes to GRDP by 1.44 percent.

Some of the largest professional, scientific and technical activities in Bandung include Lapi, Sucofindo, Bandung FE Institute, Batik Fractal, Merah Putih Consultant, Karsa Engineering, Research Ai.


List of Investment Opportunities