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The manufacturing industry sector is a sector that has survived during the pandemic, there is even an increase in demand. The processing industry is the leading sector in the entire city of Bandung. The manufacturing sector is the largest sector after the trade and construction sectors. The sub-sectors that are part of this sector include:

1. Food Industry
2. Beverage Industry
3. Tobacco Processing Industry
4. Textile Industry
5. Apparel Industry
6. Leather Industry
7. Leather Goods and Footwear Industry
8. Manufacture of wood, articles of wood and cork (excluding furniture) and wickerwork of bamboo, rattan
9. Paper and Paper Goods Industry
10. Printing and Reproduction of Recording Media Industry
11. Manufacture of Coal and Petroleum Refining Products
12. Industry of Chemicals and Chemical Goods
13. Pharmaceutical Industry
14. Chemical Medicinal Products and Traditional Medicine
15. Rubber Industry, Rubber and Plastic Products
16. Non-Metal Minerals Industry Base Metal Industry
17. Metal Goods Industry Not Machinery and Equipment
18. Computer, Electronic and Optical Goods Industry
19. Electrical Equipment Industry
20. Machinery and Equipment Industry Not Included in Others (Ytdl)
21. Motor Vehicle, Trailer And Semi Trailer Industry
22. Other Transportation Equipment Industry
23. Furniture Industry
24. Other Processing Industries
25. Repair And Installation Of Machinery And Equipment



Sector with a large absorption of labor in the city of Bandung. The COVID-19 condition has an impact on the high demand for this industry, especially the health industry.


Sector Economic Growth

From an economic perspective, the trend in the value of GRDP in the manufacturing sector for the past three years has experienced a rapid increase, from 2018 to 2020, reaching its peak in 2020, which amounted to Rp. 38.2 trillion. This sector contributes to GDP by 19.43 percent.

Several manufacturing industry companies in Bandung include Biofarma and mepro in the pharmaceutical industry, C59 in the t-shirt industry. In this sector, apart from the company, there are also industrial centers spread across all sub-districts in the city of Bandung.


List of Investment Opportunities

Value :  Rp150.000.000
Value :  Rp100.000.000
Value :  Rp100.000.000
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Bojongloa Kidul
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