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Information & Communication

The information and communication sector is one of the strategic sectors in the city of Bandung in addition to trade and repair and the processing industry. With a location not far from the nation's capital city and supported by the toll road and the construction of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train, Bandung City is an alternative for the development of the information and communication sector apart from DKI Jakarta.


The city of Bandung has its own characteristics that make it attractive for digital business actors (startups) to run their businesses in this city. The characteristics of human resources in Bandung City are talented and highly creative, as well as future-oriented (futurist) so that they are able to create products that can compete in the next 5-10 years.

Economic growth

Sector and Investment Value From an economic perspective, the information and communication sector has experienced growth over the last three years and is in the highest position in 2020 with a value of IDR 35.40 trillion, contributing 14.22 percent to the total value of GRDP in Bandung City.

This indicates that the information and communication sector can survive, and even grow, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The growth in this sector can be associated with the high need for the use of technology both at the business and household levels, such as the use of applications for study courses, family medical consultations, to office management and administration.

Companies that are business actors in this sector include Agate as an online game product startup, eFishery as a startup in the fisheries sector, Idea Imaji as a startup in marketing and advertising, and Jaramba as a startup in the transportation and tourism sector.


List of Investment Opportunities