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Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

Entertainment in the city of Bandung is dominated by culinary tours, performance tours, shopping tours and city tours. A sector that collapsed during the pandemic, has the potential to continue to decline if it does not adapt.


Besides being known as Paris Van Java and the City of Flowers, Bandung is also known as The Most European City in The East Indies, Bandung Excelsior, Intellectuele Centrum Van Indie, Europe in The Tropen, City of Beauty, City of Education, Creative City to Culinary City ( Disbudpar Bandung).

Arts, entertainment and recreation in the city of Bandung is a strong attraction for tourism. However, restrictions on physical interaction due to COVID-19 have resulted in a decline in income in this sector.

Economic Growth

Sector and Investment Value The Arts, Entertainment and Recreation Sector experienced growth in GRDP value from 2018 to 2020, the peak of which was in 2019 which was IDR7.39 trillion. This sector contributes to GRDP by 3.97 percent.

The arts, entertainment and recreation sectors in Bandung include Nuarta Park, Dago Tea House, Rumentang Siang Art Building, Saung Angklung Udjo, and Trans Studio Mall Bandung.

List of Investment Opportunities

Value :  Rp50.000.000
Value :  Rp50.000.000

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