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Ujung Berung


Ujung Berung sub-district has an area of ​​6,612 square kilometers, consisting of five sub-districts, namely Pasanggrahan, Pasirjati, Pasirwangi, Cigending, and Pasilow. 

As of 2018, the population of Ujungberung District was recorded at 72,127 people consisting of 35,762 women and 36,365 men. 


There are hundreds of industries of various scales in this district. The details are 4 large industries, 38 medium industries, and 151 small industries or household crafts (IKKR). In the trade sector, there are 1 market, 16 shopping groups, 23 minimarkets, as well as 2 supermarkets, and other types of businesses.


List of Investment Opportunities