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Mandalajati sub-district is a sub-district located in the northern area of ​​Bandung City and is directly adjacent to the Bandung Regency area.

Mandalajati has an area of ​​5.17 square kilometers consisting of four villages, namely Jatihandap, Karangpamulan, Sindangjaya, and Pasir Impun Village. 

The total population of Mandalajati as of the second semester of 2019, is 70958. With 35,755 males and 35,203 females. 

Main Sector

Three main sectors in Mandalajati District include the construction sector, manufacturing industry, trade and repair.

Mandalajati is a residential area and there are not many businesses in the business sector. It is recorded that in Mandalajati there is only one government-run bank and six savings and loan cooperatives.


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