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With an area of ​​9.78 km2, Gedebage District is the largest sub-district in Bandung City. There are four sub-districts in this sub-district, namely Rancabolang, Rancanumpang, Cisaranten Kidul, and Cimincrang. Of the four, Cisaranten Kidul has the largest area, reaching 4.26 km2 or 43.5% of the total area of ​​Gedebage District.

The population of Gedebage District continues to increase. BPS City of Bandung recorded a population of 34,299 people, 155 people in 2010, 35,579 people in 2015, then 43,116 people in 2018. Based on 2019 data, the recorded population fell to 40,121 people.

Main Sector

The three main sectors in Gedebage District include the trade and repair sector, construction, and the manufacturing industry.

In the trade sector, Gedebage District is recorded as having 6 groups of shops, 12 mini-markets or supermarkets, 98 grocery stalls, 12 restaurants, and 105 food stalls. In Gedebage, it is reported that there is only 1 hotel unit.


List of Investment Opportunities