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Cidadap sub-district is included in the SWK Cibeunying. With an area of ​​6.11 km2 and a population of 53,622 people (2.15% of the total population of Bandung City), this sub-district has a density of 8,625 people/km2.

As of 2019 the population of Cidadap District was recorded at 53,622 people, consisting of 26,408 women and 27,214 men.

Main Sector

Three main sectors in Cidadap District include the accommodation (hotel) and food and beverage sector, wholesale and retail trade and insurance finance. There are several large hotels and cafes that have developed their business in this sub-district. There are also several excellent universities located in the Cidadap sub-district.

Cidadap sub-district has close access to Cihampelas street which is one of the fashion centers in Bandung and Cihampelas Walk mall and is also close to Paris Van Java mall, so Cidadap sub-district is one of the strategic districts in the city of Bandung.


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