Cibeunying Kaler


Cibeunying Kaler sub-district is included in the Cibeunying SWK. With an area of ​​4.50 km2 and a population of 69,783 people (2.75% of the total population of Bandung City), this sub-district has a density of 14,912 people/km2.

Cibeunying Kaler sub-district has 574 hectares of non-rice field land. In the trade sector, in Cibeunying Kaler sub-district there are 1 traditional market, 10 shops/supermarkets, 45 food stalls, 14 restaurants, 260 small shop.

Main Sector

The three main sectors in Cibeunying Kaler District include the corporate services sector, wholesale and retail trade and construction.  

Cibeunying Kaler is a sprawling district that is home to the Bandung Geological Museum, which features exhibits on volcanoes and tsunamis, as well as dinosaur fossils and interactive screens. The batik shop holds workshops on making traditional printed fabrics, as well as dining options, from student hangouts to street food stalls and outdoor and indoor cafes. Dago Heritage 1917 Golf Course offers views of the mountains and pine forest.

List of Investment Opportunities

Cibeunying Kaler
Value :  Rp24.900.000.000

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