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Buahbatu sub-district is included in SWK Kordon. With an area of ​​7.93 square kilometers, which consists of four villages, namely Cijaura, Margasari, Sekejati, and Jatisari. With a population of 100,370 people (4.11 percent of the total population of Bandung City), this sub-district has a density of 12,656 people/km2.

In Buahbatu District there are many health facilities, some of which are hospitals. Edelweiss, RSAI Bandung, RSIA Bandung. There are still rice fields in Buahbatu, covering an area of ​​112 hectares.

Main Sector

The three main sectors in Buahbatu District include the construction, trade and repair sectors, as well as corporate services. In the industrial sector, there are 3 medium industries and 28 small industries or household crafts (IKKR).

In the trade sector, there are 1 market, 958 shopping groups, 22 minimarkets, 15 convenience stores (convenience stores), 2 department stores, and 4 supermarkets. 

List of Investment Opportunities

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