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Bojongloa Kaler


District of Bojongloa Kaler is included in SWK Tegalega. With an area of ​​3.12 km2 there are 5 sub-districts in this sub-district, namely Kopo, Suka Asih, Babakan Asih, Babakan Tarogong, and Jamika.

With a population of 124,506 people (1.81 percent of the total population of Bandung City), this sub-district has a density of 39,905 people/km2

District Bojongloa Kaler has close access to accommodation such as the Grand Pasundan hotel and the Citilink festival.

Main Sector

The three main sectors in Bojongloa Kaler District include trade and repair, manufacturing, financial services and insurance.

In the industrial sector, there were 166 food and beverage industries, 64 clothing industries, and 61 textile industries.

For trade matters, in Bojongloa Kaler District there is 1 market, 5 groups of shops, 4 minimarkets, supermarkets and supermarkets, as well as 821 grocery shop shops.


  • The Mayang Sunda Art Padepokan, is an art hermitage building owned by the Bandung City Government which functions free of charge as a place for discussions, various arts and other events
  • Babakan Rahayu Bakery Center, Since 1982, the Gg. Babakan Rahayu, Kopo has become an industrial center area. This area consists of several SMEs that produce bread. There are at least 28 home bakery production facilities in Gang Babakan Rahayu
  • Sentra T-shirt Jamika, Alley of Islamic Boarding School, Kelurahan Jamika is a place for making t-shirts, along the alley there are clothes shops ranging from children's clothes to adult clothes. These clothes were made by residents there who were scattered in several houses
  • Sentra Kerupuk, Crackers are one of the typical industrial products in the District of Bojongloa Kaler. An industrial area of ​​10 companies

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