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Bandung Wetan


Bandung Wetan District with an area of ​​3.44 km2, consists of 3 sub-districts, namely: Tamansari, Citarum, and Cihapit.

A population of 29,042 people (2.03 percent of the total population of Bandung City), this sub-district has a density of 52.61 people/km2.

The Bandung Wetan sub-district has close access to the Sate building, souvenir centers, shopping and heritage areas on Jalan Riau.

In addition, Bandung Wetan District is the center of Bandung City as a provider of hotels and restaurants as accommodation for tourists. 

Main Sector

The three main sectors in Bandung Wetan District include: accommodation and food and drink provision, trade and repairs, as well as finance and insurance.


In Bandung Wetan, there are 3 markets, 11 groups of shops, 17 minimarkets, 236 food stalls, 156 restaurants and 42 hotels.

List of Investment Opportunities

Bandung Wetan
Value :  Rp200.000.000

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