Bandung Wetan


Bandung Wetan District with an area of ​​3.39 km2, consists of 3 urban villages, namely: Tamansari, Citarum, and Cihapit.

With a population of 26,850 people (1.1 percent of the total population of Bandung City), this sub-district has a density of 7,921 people/km2.

Bandung Wetan District has close access to Gedung Sate, a gift center, shopping and heritage area on Jalan Riau.

In addition, Bandung Wetan District is the center of Bandung City as a provider of hotels and restaurants as accommodation for tourists. 

Main Sector

The three main sectors in Bandung Wetan Sub-district include: the provision of accommodation and food and drink, trade and repairs, as well as finance and insurance.


In Bandung Wetan, there are 2 markets, 4 shopping groups, 8 minimarkets, 17 department stores (convenience stores), 7 department stores, 2 hypermarkets, and 4 malls.

In the industrial sector, there are 11 medium industries and 23 small industries or household crafts (IKKR).

In addition, there are 21 hotels, 168 food stalls, 30 restaurants, and 35 restaurants. 

List of Investment Opportunities