Bandung Kulon


Bandung Kulon sub-district with an area of ​​6.46 km2 has 8 villages, namely Gompolsari, Cigondewah Kidul, Cigondewah Kaler, Cigondewah Rahayu, Caringin, 119 Warung Muncang, Cibuntu, and Cijerah.

With a population of 138,810 people (5.68 percent of the total population of Bandung City), this sub-district has a density of 21,488 people/km2.

Main Sector

The three main sectors in Bandung Kulon sub-district include the manufacturing, trade and repair, and construction sectors. In the industrial sector, there are hundreds registered. As of 2017, the details are 103 food industries, 113 handicraft industries, and 70 clothing industries.


There are PT. Kahatex and the Cigondewah fabric market have great potential in the textile industry.

One of the iconic cottage industries in Bandung Kulon District is the presence of tofu factories in the Cibuntu area and its surroundings. This typical tofu product was then known throughout the city as Tahu Cibuntu.

In the trade sector, Bandung Kulon is recorded as having 13 markets, 94 shopping groups, 18 minimarkets, 1,184 department stores (convenience stores), and 1 supermarket.

List of Investment Opportunities

Bandung Kulon
Value :  Rp17.900.000.000

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