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Bandung Kidul


Bandung Kidul District, with an area of ​​6.07 km2, consists of four sub-districts, namely Wates, Mengger, Batununggal, and Kujangsari.

As of 2021 the population of Bandung Kidul District is recorded at 61,250 people, consisting of 30,673 women and 30,577 men.


In the trade sector, there are 12 groups of shops, 2 markets with permanent buildings, 1 market with semi-permanent buildings, 20 mini-markets or supermarkets, 346 shops and 206 food stalls.

The tourist destination in Bandung Kidul District, namely Panghegar Waterboom Bandung, is a water tour located at Jalan Mengger Tengah No.37. There are several types of pools such as wave pool, mini, current and regular. There is also a hot spring pool as well as Caféé which is in the Panghegar Waterboom area.

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