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Babakan Ciparay District, with an area of ​​7.45 km2, consists of six sub-districts, namely: Margasuka, Cirangrang, North Margahayu, Babakan Ciparay, Babakan, and Sukahaji.

The number of residents of Babakan Ciparay continues to increase from year to year. In 2021, the number will reach 143,066 people, consisting of 70,225 women and 72,841 men.


There are hundreds of industries of various scales in Babakan Ciparay District. The data includes 323 food industries, 135 clothing industries, and 110 beverage industries.

In the field of trade, in Babakan Ciparay District there are 4 markets, 24 groups of shops, 19 minimarkets, supermarkets and supermarkets, as well as 1,473 grocery shop shops.

Babakan Ciparay Subdistrict has potential in various sectors, one of which is the culinary sector. There are various kinds of culinary delights in Babakan Ciparay District including bandrek, presto fish, black cendol, ginger coffee, and NJ Cibuntu Tofu. Tofu NJ Cibuntu was first established in 1979 with its first production of only 10 kg, now production has reached 3 tons. Located at Gg. Fountain No. 62, Sukahaji.

M.R Collection is a creative industry in the Babakan Ciparay District that makes its products using patchwork. The M.R Collection has also penetrated foreign markets and won 3rd place in the Craft category at the 2019 UMKM Award held by the Bandung City Cooperative and UKM Service. Located at Gg. MelatiNo. 148, Margasuka.


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Babakan Ciparay
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