Babakan Ciparay



Babakan Ciparay sub-district, with an area of ​​7,449 km2, consists of six villages, namely: Margasuka, Cirangrang, North Margahayu, Babakan Ciparay, Babakan, and Sukahaji.

The population of Babakan Ciparay continues to increase from year to year. In 2019, the number reached 138,788 people, consisting of 68,004 women and 70,784 men.



There are hundreds of industries of various scales in Babakan Ciparay District. The data covers 55 large industries, 108 medium industries, and 810 small/home industries.

In the trade sector, in Babakan Ciparay District, there are 6 markets, 24 shopping groups, 16 minimarkets, 3 department stores (convenience stores), 1 hypermarket, and 1 mall.


List of Investment Opportunities