Astanaanyar District, with an area of ​​2.79 km2, consists of six villages, namely: Karasak, Animal Protector, Nyengseret, Panjunan, Cibadak, and Karanganyar.

It has 74,078 inhabitants consisting of 36,951 women and 37,127 men. The largest group of livelihoods is private employees with 13,946 people, followed by students with 13,823 people.



Astanaanyar is included in an urban area that has many points of trading activities. There are 80 groups of shops, four markets with permanent buildings, 15 mini-markets or supermarkets, 416 shops or grocery stalls, 20 restaurants and 185 food stalls.

In Astanaanyar there are also 3 hotels and 2 inns. There are only 3 cooperatives in Astanaanyar, namely one village unit cooperative (KUD), small industrial cooperatives and people's industries (Kopinkra), and savings and loan cooperatives (Kospin)..

One of the iconic locations in Astaannyaar District is the flea market located on Astaanyar street, not far from Tegallega Park. There are many vendors lined up offering various types of used goods. Starting from household goods, accessories and motorcycle parts, children's needs, building tools, to used cell phones and agate.



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