Arcamanik District, with a total area of ​​607.49 km2, consists of four sub-districts, namely: Cirasaranten Kulon, Cisaranten Binaharapan, Sukamiskin, and Cisaranten Indah.

As of 2019, the population of Arcamanik was recorded at 67,755 people, consisting of 33,284 women and 34,471 men. There was a significant increase compared to the population in the previous year which was recorded at 68,907 people.

There are several iconic and historical places or buildings in Arcamanik. Among them are the Sukamiskin Prison and the horse racing field which has now been transformed into a West Java Sports Development Center or more popular among the public as the Arcamanik Sports Center (GOR). 


There are still rice fields in Arcamanik. The area is recorded at 11.4 hectares. Rice fields are scattered in every kelurahan, except Sukamiskin.

For the trade sector, there are only 15 groups of shops, 27 minimarkets or supermarkets, and 1 department store (convenience store).


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