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Antapani District has an area of ​​4.21 km2, which consists of four sub-districts, namely: Antapani Kidul, Antapani Tengah, Antapani Wetan, and Antapani Kulon.

Antapani is one of the areas in Bandung that has grown rapidly in recent years. One of the markers is the establishment of new housing estates. There are about 35% of the total area of ​​Antapani District is a complex.


There are 165 leather industries and 73 beverage industries in Antapani District. There is 1 market with semi-permanent buildings, 14 groups of shops, 28 minimarkets and 67 restaurants.

There are superior products in Antapani District such as Ulen pun Bojo, Serundeng, Saroja, and Carrot Cheese Sticks. 


List of Investment Opportunities