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Ulen Juara


Business Description

Ulen Champion is a business engaged in the culinary field, starting in 2014 on Jl. Ciburuy No. 31 Cisereuh Village (CP : 08567173033)

Bringing the uniqueness of food from West Java, in the form of processed glutinous rice of the highest quality with a blend of fresh raw materials and made in the traditional way so as to produce an authentic taste and the best quality.

The making of this food does not take away from the distinctive taste, ulen champion also presents flavors including spicy sticky rice ulen, chicken sticky rice ulen, cheese sticky rice and original flavors to be able to reach millennials.

Development Plan

It is hoped that in the future, for business development, Ulen Champion will open offline outlets in several places, with the hope that it can reach tourists to be made a choice of souvenirs typical of the city of Bandung.

In 2023 it is expected to establish production factories and recruit employees to produce in large quantities.

The turnover from July to September is 13 million rupiah, with the expectation of an increase of 30% each month.

Project Classification

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME)

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Member Since Nov 2020

Value: Rp100.000.000

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