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Jl. Suryalaya No. 44 Kelurahan Cijagra Kecamatan Lengkong


Business Description

Kopi Kabuyutan, a business journey rooted in the inspiration and memories of his beloved grandfather who loved to serve a cup of coffee.

From there was born the idea of establishing a coffee business, which then combined the word "Kabuyutan" as a symbol of respect for heritage and love for coffee.

We are currently facing an urgent need for roasting machines, being at the heart of our production process. With a minimum capacity of 10-20 kilograms per roasting, this machine will help us improve production efficiency and facilitate the packaging process. Currently, the roasting process is still carried out manually with a roasting capacity of only about 100 grams once, limiting the potential for business growth.


Our business turnover reaches an average of 5-6 million per month, but we have ambitions to achieve greater growth. By reducing dependence on manual labor and implementing roasting machines, we hope to achieve turnover in the range of 10 million per month


Business Development Plan

We invite investors who want to collaborate, perhaps by providing funding for roasting machines or providing support in implementing a mutually beneficial profit-sharing system. Together, we can achieve a vision of growth and sustainability for Kabuyutan Coffee. Let's synergize and bring the spirit of coffee heritage to life in one glass of Kabuyutan!

Project Classification

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME)

Project Location

Jl. Suryalaya No. 44 Kelurahan Cijagra Kecamatan Lengkong

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Member Since Nov 2020

Value: Rp100.000.000

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